The new way to purchase media in Israel
Savings of up to 30 percent of the advertising budget
State-run auctions Raphael Efrati

According to auction advertising medium

Media gauge system allows the customer to submit a request for quotation within minutes.
Any media, in any amount and for any period.
Request a tender offer immediate and best offers shown to the customer.
Med Media will accompany you from the tender to implement it.

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According to auction advertising budget

Choosing the proper channels is actually finding the most efficient and economic means for achieving the desired number of exposures among the target audience. Depending on the data submitted by the customer and the budget will be led a tender among service providers suited for the budget figure. Click for your advertising budget proposal >

Checking the last campaign cost

Is designed for customers who want to test the effectiveness of the last campaign, for testing, comparison and planning the next campaign. Through this unique platform, customers can effectively evaluate the real cost of the campaign, assess their success and prepare for the future. You can check whether you have paid a lot of relatively Were cheaper alternatives, and what came out of your advertising budget. Click checking your latest campaign >

  • Click tender according to the advertising measures
  • Media noted, quantity, format and period
  • Fill out return
  • Tender come into
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